Who We Are

THE GROUP: A Collaboration of Senior Consultants


We are a strategic communications and marketing consultancy. We bring to each challenge a highly skilled and seasoned group of strategists from around the world: Experts in business, management, marketing, research, data analytics, information technology, political campaigning, advertising, legislative affairs, media and journalism, public affairs and relations. We have successfully served corporations, governments, and political candidates.

Orchestrating Success

We are a collaboration of senior consultants, rather than a traditional communications firm Find out more »


Press Release

Two Preeminent Corporate and Political Advisors Join Forces With One of the World’s Leading Marketers Find out more »


David Morey

Chairman & CEO DMG Global and Vice Chairman Core Strategy Group

Scott Miller

Chairman of Core Strategy Group.

Robert Armao

Chairman of Armao and Company, Inc.,

Alan Axelrod

Founder and President of Ian Samuel Group Creative Services/Author

William Glad

Founder and Director of Sport Development Resources, Ltd.

Libby Handros

Award-Winning Producer and Journalist

Edgar House

Advertising, Marketing and Promotions.

Jane Ingals

DMG Partner and founder of Artemis

Kabir Khan

Director Asia Pacific for DMG, Global, Inc.

Mark Mawrence

Consultant, writer, producer and fundraiser

Michelle Weese

Global Corporate Affairs and Branding

Tan Sri Datuk (DR.) Lim Ewe Jin

Chairman, DMG Global (Asia) Groups


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