31 Mar The Leadership Campaign 10 Political Strategies to Win at Your Career and Propel Your Business to Victory

Scott Miller and David Morey There’s a leadership crisis in American business and American politics—a crisis that extends around the world. What’s the problem? We find the training and managing of leadership is broken. It’s stuck inside an outdated industrial revolution model. But today, we live...

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Today, innovation isn't just a luxury for businesses. Innovation, in fact, is the critical difference between success and failure, between survival and extinction. As Peter Drucker once said: "Business comes down to two thing: innovation and marketing." And today, marketing won't do your business much...

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01 Feb Women As Great Underdog Leaders

A number of recent and excellent books by Mika Brezinski (Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth; Weinstein Publishing) and by my former Columbia University student, Claire Shipman (The Confidence Code; Harper-Collins), highlight the challenges facing women executives today and deliver various...

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