Our Clients

DMG Global’s clients include or have included:



GE, Bancomer, Verizon, Pepsi, Mars, KPMG, McDonald’s, Microsoft, News Corp., Nike, P&G, Disney, Visa, The Coca-Cola Company, Linked-in, TPG, American Express, NBC, Samsung, Deloitte, Arnold & Porter, Avant!, , Cytogen, J.E. Seagram, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, TD Ameritrade, CVS, Miller Brewing Company, Ernst and Young, Allied Domecq, Hughes Space and Communications, CBIZ, Procter & Gamble, Reebok, Symantec,, Newbridge Capital, SynData, Wendy’s International and many others.




Presidents Boris Yeltsin (Russia), Corazon Aquino (Philippines), Ernesto Perez Balladares (Panama), Kim Dae-Jung (South Korea), Vicente Fox (Mexico), Roh Moo Hyun (South Korea), Moon Jae In (South Korea), Prime Minister Shimon Peres (Israel), and a wide array of governments.

Successful Clients


DMG Global and our associates have successfully worked with chief executives of Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders and political candidates, Nobel Prize winners and prominent financiers. Client industries include healthcare, telecommunications, technology, consumer products, finance and banking and many others.