What We Believe


DMG Global applies principles that are fundamental to business, marketing and campaign success:


Adopt the Political Campaign Model :
Mobilize and focus your organization. Understand what the election is all about, when “election day” is and what votes you have to move to win.


Create Achievable Objectives — Do the Doable :
Focus on achievable, “momentum objectives” and create a discipline that asks: “How is this dollar going to win a ‘vote’?”


Focus Your Strategy — Move the Movable :
Target only the votes you must and can move to win — so focus on attitude, not demographics, in your marketplace and in your company.


Communicate “Inside-Out” :
Sell your employees, partners, friends and family — and transfer ownership of your strategies from the inside out. As legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant said, “Dance with the girl that brung ya.”


Forget Reality — Perceptions Rule :
Understand what the audience — employees, customers, prospects or voters — thinks. Remember, perceptions shape the attitudes that shape decisions in the marketplace or voting booth.


Herd the Details — Remember, Everything Communicates :
Every detail, no matter how tiny, is either adding or subtracting value from your business. Everything you do and say is important in building your brand and business.


Deal with Crisis as SOP :
Crisis today is the steady state. Change is constant. So create a strategy that doesn’t brake for crisis. And, above all, resolve to play offense — to win — no matter what kind of crisis you face.


We set our pace using a disciplined campaign model to create and implement a communications program targeted to victory. Our three-stage process:


Research :
Uses sophisticated tools to inventory business, communications, financial and political realities that affect our clients.


Planning :
Formulates a comprehensive plan that recognizes realities, identifies strategic objectives and develops strategies, messages and results-oriented tactics.


Execution :
Implements a strategic communications program that integrates the most effective tactics, formed around one simple rule: “strategy is boss.”


Behind The Scenes
We work with total discretion and along an insurgent strategic framework that has brought victory to candidates and success to corporations. And we take pride in our ability to maintain an invisible and confidential relationship with our clientele.